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 Bougainville Campaign

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PostSubject: Bougainville Campaign   Sat Dec 04, 2010 4:08 pm

The Bougainville campaign occurred during World War II from November 1, 1943 to August 21, 1945, on and around Bougainville Island in the South Pacific, between forces of the Empire of Japan and the Allies. Bougainville, at that time, was part of the Australian territory of New Guinea, although geographically it was part of the Solomon Islands chain. The Bougainville campaign was, therefore, part of both the Allied New Guinea and Solomon Islands campaigns. Bougainville was occupied in 1942 by Japanese forces, who constructed naval air bases at Buka in the north and Buin in the south, as well as a naval ship base in the nearby Shortland Islands. The Japanese bases provided security for their major base at Rabaul, New Britain and supported their forces operating at other locations in the Solomon Islands.

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Bougainville Campaign
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