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 League 3

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Scott - Bordeaux
Scott - Bordeaux

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PostSubject: League 3   Mon Jan 05, 2009 11:29 pm

Obviously you will have seen on the home page I am looking at starting a third division of AFM.

The plan is as follows;

1 - The third tier of AFM will start in season 3.

2 - I am hoping to have all managers in place by the middle of season 2.

3 - I have 3 confirmed managers in place, another two who are interested, just awaiting them to confirm. (I have been advertising spaces 2days!)

4 - Managers put in charge of League 3 teams WILL be able to take part in the season 2 auction, extra players will of course be made available.

5 - Managers put in charge of League 3 teams WILL be able to conduct deals for the second half of season 2, though all deals will be heavilly scrutinised by myself as one or two of the managers may be completely new to esms gaming.

6 - Providing the other two managers accept, that leaves three remaining clubs available, if you have any friends/family/colleagues interested, please ask them, the way they are going they wont be round for long!
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League 3
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